I am a dealer in antique musical equipments in the historic city of Kozhikode(Calicut) in Kerala.What brought me to this field was, basically,my love for the old music and music devices like radios, gramophones and record players etc.,which were an integral part of our life right from childhood days.From my contacts with like minded people I understood that a large number of people love old music and old musical equipments and they still prefer to listen to music on old valve radios and gramophones etc. There are a growing number of people, young and old, from all walks of life including doctors, I.T.professionals,advocates and so on and even ordinary workers who are taking to collection of old radios, gramophones and records as an interesting hobby.Such is the nostalgic value of these devices and the music of yesteryears.

When I started this small venture the response from music lovers was overwhelming. Enquiries were pouring in. When awareness spread people started retrieving their old equipments and getting them repaired and serviced. Demand for equipments and records was also high.It also led to the music lovers of this area uniting to form a “Gramophone Club”.first meeting at Calicut was a big success.

I am glad that I could, during the last several years, be of service to this growing group of nostalgic music lovers by getting them old valve radios, gramophones and records and helping them in servicing and repairing their equipments. The demand for records, especially Malayalam, even from Gulf countries, is very high and I am doing everything possible to meet the demand. It is this that prompted me to start this website so that the details of the records and equipments with me can be easily accessed and contacts with me can be made easily.I hope music lovers will make use of this site to their advantage.

The following two articles are about me which has published in Hindu and Indian Express

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